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Putri Ramadhani
Yupika Maryansyah
Ivan Achmad N


Reading comprehension skill seems to be a complecated subject for students time to time. Teachers as the one who must train students
to master the skill, keep struggling to utter the problem. This condition need teachers to find out probable solutions. One possible
solution is by using specific strategy in taching, like the one called Read, Cover, Remember, Retell (RCRR). The purpose of this
research is to determine the effect of using Read, Cover, RCRR Strategy on students’ reading comprehension skill. The study is
designed in quasi experimental method. The subjects of this research were students of English study program of
Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu. In collecting data, researchers used a test. Result of the study shows that there was an
increasing scores on students’ reading comprehension skill who were taught by using RCRR. Based on the study done by
researchers, RCRR has brought positive effect on students reading comprehension skill. Therefore, the strategy is recommended to be used to teach reading comprehension in classes.

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